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eFIBA. The future of Basketball is here.

Danish Chan

Creating new rules for a new global game.

eFIBA is FIBA’s big dive into esports, blending hoops with gamers. It’s a fresh playground for gamers and ballers, tearing down traditional sport boundaries in an epic crossover.

After its first season, FIBA and eSports company ESL FACEIT Group came to creative agency Worth Your While and strategy studio Untangld to help elevate the tournament and league. 

Their vision, to bring together eBasketball players and fans from around the world in the ultimate showcase of skill and passion. 

The brief. 

Rebrand eFIBA and create a high growth entertainment brand that brings together players and fans of eBasketball online and IRL events. 

This was about building a brand and an event. Creating a community that help bolster a new commercial entity.

The audience universe. 

There are 540 million eSports fans in the world. Half of them are basketball fans. And half of those have watched an eSports tournament. These 116 million fans are what we call creative eHoopers. These eBasketball lovers were creative, curious and entrepreneurial.

They want to be closer to players, closer to their community and closer to the action.

The Challenge:

FIBA is known for being a governing body, not a fun, cultural entertainment brand.

The truth about eFIBA.

FIBA is a truly international competition and community that has created a tournament that truly empowers its fans to be more creative and innovative.

The Solution

Only eFIBA can bring the worlds of basketball together. A true organisation that can help build eBasketball into a truly global game. 

Pushing the boundaries of eBasketball to be more creative, more inclusive. More cutting edge. Helping fans of all shapes get closer to the game.

To be the go-to entertainment platform for players, brands, and fans from around the world to write the future of the game.

The strategic platform.

Participating federations
Participating countries
Participation growth from Season 1


Following the rebrand and strategic overhaul, participation in the second season soared, with the number of federations jumping to 61, representing a 28% engagement rate among global basketball federations.

In detail, the federation count for the second season includes 26 from Europe, 14 from Africa, six from North America, five from Southeast Asia, four from South America, four from the Middle East, and two from Oceania, demonstrating significant growth and diversity.

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Danish Chan

→ Danish is one of the most awarded strategists in the world, having worked on some of the most iconic brands in the last decade including Virgin Atlantic, Coca Cola, and Volvo. Danish spent his career helping to make modern, connected strategy integral to world-class effective work. A co-founder of Untangld, and a founding partner of By The Network, Danish is also a regular judge at the Effies and WARC Global Effectiveness Awards and a contributor to popular industry rags.

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