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Moro. Oil as interesting as you.

James Needham

We needed to reposition Moro and grow market share by increasing purchase frequency and usage. We needed to make Moro olive oil a choice not an option.

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Setting the scene

To increase brand associations with key drivers of choice, Moro needed a new platform and packaging that would strengthen its emotional bond with consumers. We were the category leader and we needed to act like one.

At the heart of what makes Moro unique is its quality range of oils – a depth of excellence that can’t be matched, that speaks to foodies in a language they know – Moro is the ultimate supporting role in the kitchen that brings out the best in food and the people that enjoy it.

The category was too focused on itself to see how Australians were splashing, frying, drizzling and mixing it in fabulous ways which became the opportunity for Moro.

Real challenge

Shift the category from one of self-obsession to one about self-expression


We could make sense of our superior range by reflecting its diversity in the people that use it. By opening them up to a range that’s as interesting as they are, we landed on a simple strategic thought.

Oil as interesting as you.

This allowed us to celebrate the imaginations, flair and discoveries Australian foodies continue to make in the kitchen.
Stories of imagination, the weird and wonderful, the failures and the breakthroughs. From the sublime to the ridiculous…we have the range to help you explore every whim.

Creatively this was beautifully expressed by our creative partners SDWM.

“To be able to have a brand platform like ‘Now add you’ that positions Moro as the oil and vinegar for all our loveable human idiosyncrasies is truly exciting.”
Kristen Moxey, Marketing Manager, Conga Foods

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James Needham

→ Over 20 years experience across APAC and the UK helping redefine some of the world’s most iconic and effective brands, and leading complex research and segmentation projects from Budget Direct, Big4, Crime Stoppers, RACV and CommBank.

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