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Maxibon. Turning tension into a mateship.

Sometimes ice-cream is more than just ice-cream. Sometimes it's the only thing helping men bond.

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Maxibon had a deep cult following of middle-class, young ‘mainstream’ male advocates, that rally around the brand online. More often than not, the tone and jokes were very bloke-ish. This was creating an insider outsider tension, and sometimes pushing some people’s limits. We needed to develop a strategy to leverage the Maxibon obsessives for advocacy, without alienating outsiders.

The truth

Maxibon has large base following on social — with 55k followers. 

Although they love the ice-cream, it’s the sense of meaningful camaraderie they’re really here for.

The real pull of the Maxibon brand is shared laughs, the merch and the blokey and often silly nature of Maxibon. All this adds up to be a badge of honour. 

The strategy

Build the Maxibon brand, content and community around the idea of the MAXI-BOND. This would be a playful, tongue-in-cheek idea, underpinned by a focus on inclusivity and mateship.

Part of this evolution involved a shift to more UGC moments, and an increased focus on topical and/or curated posts (i.e. from the culture, not just from Maxibon). 

This ‘the more the merrier’ approach, tapped the Australian bloke-ish nature of the brand, but intentionally opened it up for outsiders — and built pride in it’s shared (not closed) sentiment.