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The Other Art Fair. Reframing a revolutionary art brand.

Danish Chan

While the art world now has democratised through the power of digital, The Other Art Fair was one of the pioneers of bring new art to everyone. So together with Universal Favourite we had to rekindle that challenger flame and retake that revolutionary positioning in an every cluttered category.

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The Other Art Fair is a challenger brand at heart. More festival than fair, this was an inspired idea more than a decade ago to create an event for artists and art lovers to connect beyond the world of stuffy and intimidating galleries.

A unique event for discovering new artists and democratising art, The Other Art Fair quickly became beloved by the community. And this only grew as they expanded to new countries including The States and Australia. 

But art fairs are a cluttered category. Probably part of the reason we’re called the OTHER art fair. And it was blurring into the sea of other art fairs around the world.

On top of that, digital has empowered collectors to choose among a myriad of ways to acquire art, from fairs to galleries to private dealers to auction houses to private individuals.

The challenge 

How does The Other Art Fair rediscover its challenger spirit in a world where art has become democratised and accessible 24/7?


Ten years ago, The Other Art Fair was created as an anti-establishment act.

Inspired by the power of art to challenge and push us. Driven by the belief that art is more than pretty pictures.

We would reignite the power of “other”.

The Other Art Fair would again become a revolution art fair. A mix of luxury and punk.

The idea. 

Because whilst buying art should be a normal part of life. Art itself should never feel normal. 

It should open your mind. Challenge you. Inspire you.

Working alongside creative studio, Universal Favourite, Never Normal would be used in every graphic and touch point, as well as the brand’s tone of voice, to help push The Other Art Fair away from the ordinary and expected messaging of the art world.

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Danish Chan

→ Danish is one of the most awarded strategists in the world, having worked on some of the most iconic brands in the last decade including Virgin Atlantic, Coca Cola, and Volvo. Danish spent his career helping to make modern, connected strategy integral to world-class effective work. A co-founder of Untangld, and a founding partner of By The Network, Danish is also a regular judge at the Effies and WARC Global Effectiveness Awards and a contributor to popular industry rags.

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