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Create a world for your brand.

by Danish Chan

4 min read

Depending on what you peddle, you will be more or less familiar with brand worlds.

The best drink brands do amazing jobs at it. 

Think about the quirky Monty Python, Victoriana world Hendricks has created. Or the metal world of Liquid Death. 

We also see some innovative DTC brands like Magic Spoon or the new insurance brand ROLLiN’ establish rich brand worlds. 

But most other brands relegate themselves to distinctive assets. A logo. A colour, a font, a few devices and if they feel cheeky, a sting. (Yes, I’m old enough to call it a sting). 

But what if more brands, no matter what they sold, tried to build a world and not just a style guide.

A few questions to get you started:

Where does your brand live?

Somewhere fantastical, historical, futuristic or today?

What creative worlds inspire our brand?

Liquid Death is inspired by metal. Magic Spoon is inspired by our childhood nostalgia for cereal.

What’s the soundtrack to our brand?

Think about the music that brings the brand to life.

Most importantly, this isn’t just a reflection of your customer’s world.

This is a world your audience wants to be a part of.

If nothing else, it makes a brand more fun for everybody. And that’s half the battle isn’t it?

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Danish Chan

→ Danish is one of the most awarded strategists in the world, having worked on some of the most iconic brands in the last decade including Virgin Atlantic, Coca Cola, and Volvo. Danish spent his career helping to make modern, connected strategy integral to world-class effective work. A co-founder of Untangld, and a founding partner of By The Network, Danish is also a regular judge at the Effies and WARC Global Effectiveness Awards and a contributor to popular industry rags.

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