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Shift. Redefining business finance.

Jamal Cassim

Helping create Australia’s next super fintech in the midst of COVID by creating a category of our own.

Setting the scene

Get Capital is a 10-year-old fintech that provides credit and payment platforms to help businesses trade, pay and access funds. They compete with the likes Prospa, and Judo Bank, offering small business lending between $10,000 to $1 million depending on business turnover.

Get Capital had created a way to analyse and deliver working capital to SMEs based on real-time assessments of their financials. An industry winning innovation that meant that SME’s could move faster and be more opportunistic, whilst still financially responsible. 

But like most fast moving tech brands, their brand and story was getting lost in features, buzz words and product names.

The ask was simple enough. How do we create a brand and architecture for Get Capital that created clarity and growth from day one. 

Real challenge

How do you win on superior simplicity and innovation, when every fintech screams simple and innovative?


In the midst of COVID, Australia was witness to businesses struggling to stay open. This was particularly true for small and medium business. Lockdowns, recession and a dramatic shift in consumer behaviour left every business looking for ways to survive. 

Ultimately, it was the ones that moved fast and decisively that thrived. 

Get Capital would speak to this need state. 

This wasn’t about creating just a brand strategy, but a category strategy. Positioning Get Capital as a category of one. 

The answer.

This new positioning led to a re-design of the architecture and ultimately a new name. Shift.


Shift continues to go from strength to strength, as one of Australia’s fastest growing fintechs. 

Shift’s success is so undeniable, when other investors began to shy away due to economic uncertainty and the fall of Silicon Valley Bank, Shift secured a $27 million Series C round from Sequoia Capital.

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Jamal Cassim

→ A proven business leader to some of the world’s most innovative and successful B2B and government brands including AGL, CommBank, WorkSafe and the BBC.

 Jamal’s multifaceted experience includes the practical application of insight into meaningful growth strategies, processes and digital products. From start-ups to blue-chip businesses, he’s helped launch ideas, scale teams, revitalise systems, and worked with business leaders to level-up their models and approach to brand experience.

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