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A Look at Apple’s ‘Fuzzy Feelings’

by Lawrence Heath

This year, Apple delivered one of the best Christmas adverts, 'Fuzzy Feelings'.

Apple’s ‘Fuzzy Feelings’ stands out as delightful new take of the classic Christmas message of kindness. The spot charmingly blends stop motion animation with live action narrative to great effect. Its magic lies in the simplicity of the story. It appeals to everyone, and can even melt the hearts of even for the coldest ad-land scrooges.

‘Fuzzy Feelings’ showcases commendable craftsmanship. Apple’s decision to partner with Swedish animator Anna Mantzaris highlights their dedication to quality and their famed meticulous attention to detail. Anna Mantzaris, with her distinct, fuzzy, and soft-rounded character design, added a unique touch of class to the seasonal spot. Her passion and creativity is evident in every frame, she says “I feel like stop motion is like my language.”

Apple masterfully demonstrate the creative power of their products throughout the narrative.

This humanistic approach to product demonstration avoids forced product placement pitfalls. The advert gently compels rather than hard sells, encouraging viewers to explore their creative potential with Apple’s technology.

So compelling in fact that after watching the spot, I found myself searching for “how to use an iPhone to make stop-motion animation”. This led me to discover a wealth of interesting YouTube videos, including Apple’s behind-the-scenes content from the shoot itself. By creating a spectrum of content and seeding it through various digital channels, instead of spending just the 3mins watching the spot, I spend 30mins with the brand.

Music plays a pivotal role in the ad. The choice of George Harrison’s ‘Isn’t It a Pity’ creates emotional depth, and communicates the transformation idea that creativity can change how you see the world.

In classic Apple style, this spot takes what could have been a functional and dry product demonstration ad, and instead  tells a powerful message of kindness. At it’s core it communicates that Apple products are a tool for the expression of kindness and encourages the audience to imagine how they might spread a little more this Christmas.


In conclusion Apple’s ‘Fuzzy Feelings’ stands as a good reminder to brands that by being consistent with your message and focussing on a well orchestrated content strategy, you can cut through the noise and build salience.

Whilst the spot leans into Christmas traditions, rather than zags them, it’s both heartwarming and undeniably Apple.

Apple’s – Fuzzy Feelings 

Apple’s – Behind the scenes on Fuzzy Feelings

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