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Future Friendly. The future isn't something you wait for.

James Needham

Uncovering the story behind of the world's best innovation agencies.

We didn’t know the team at Future Friendly (then Mentally Friendly) before this project. But through this process, we are very proud to not have been a small part of their evolution, but to call them friends. Hell the number of times we turn to them for advice, I have lost count.

Jon and Nick started Mentally Friendly more than a decade ago. Talented entrepreneurs, they have created one of the best innovation agencies in the country.

But the world of innovation agencies, design thinking, has become a sea of confusing sameness. The industry is drowning in buzzwords that have diluted their real value.

To make things even more challenging, Future Friendly’s services are complex and their value is hard to distill


Populist approaches to strategy, design and innovation are deeply flawed. They’re built on myth, habit and anecdotal experience, too often leaving people without a real, practical solution.

The Strategy

Too often businesses and Government departments are forced to compromise when trying to solve real, complex problems. 

Choosing between quick and rigorous, analytical or human, strategic or maker.

At the heart of this incredible business was a simple yet powerful belief of how the future is made. That the solutions we need most remove the false choice of doing something ‘right now’ versus the ‘right way’. 

Building a better future requires both immediate progress and lasting value.

Quick wins & research. Analytical & human. Steady & fast. Growth & good. Strategy & making.

Future Friendly is about the perfect combination of pragmatism and inspiration in order to build future wellbeing.

The future isn’t something we wait for. 

For Future Friendly, the future is made today. 

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James Needham

→ Over 20 years experience across APAC and the UK helping redefine some of the world’s most iconic and effective brands, and leading complex research and segmentation projects from Budget Direct, Big4, Crime Stoppers, RACV and CommBank.

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