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The arc of invisibility.

by James Needham

2 min read

Behind every vulnerable person is a social movement seeking a new normal.

We’ve partnered with government and corporates to collect insight from vulnerable people, who are often affected by multilayered disadvantage. 

We call them Invisible Australians. 

We push to hear more from these traditionally neglected voices – whether that’s the renters of Australia, young workers, or everyday Aussies who’ve been taken advantage of – and make sure their perspective is represented. 

They are the unheard, unrepresented. and forgotten. Invisibility is what happens when society fails to support people falling through the cracks. 

Understanding where the issues these people are facing live in the cultural fabric of society is key to helping shine a light brighter and for longer. 

Often there is growing public anger around an issue that has yet to reach a trigger moment or there has been a flash-point with no carry through into systemic change. 

Transforming these peak moments into always-on ecosystems is critical in shaping change and creating a new normal.

Adapted from Movement Net Lab’s The Movement Cycle (2020) and Blumer’s Stages of social movements model (1969).

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James Needham

→ Over 20 years experience across APAC and the UK helping redefine some of the world’s most iconic and effective brands, and leading complex research and segmentation projects from Budget Direct, Big4, Crime Stoppers, RACV and CommBank.

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