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The Mob Wife Aesthetic

3 min read

In the past couple of years alone, social media has changed the way consumers shop, discover and test out new trends — or as many have dubbed them “aesthetics” — as street style comes to life every second of the day on our screens.


TikTok is now witnessing a profound shift in consumer behaviour, marked by the rise of the Mob Wife aesthetic. This maximalist trend, celebrated for its opulence, is dethroning the once popular Clean Girl aesthetic.

What is the Mob Wife aesthetic? 

Key elements of mob wife include faux and vintage fur coats, messy hair, heavy makeup, red or French manicured nails and lots of gold jewellery. Think Carmela Soprano and Adriana La Serva on “The Sopranos” or “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” for a reality example . 

But according to its proponents on Tik Tok, the look is nothing without the “boss attitude” to go with it. In one TikTok video, the creator says “It’s an attitude, it’s an aura. We all want to be the mob boss’ wife because she is a boss in and of herself.”


What has sparked the Mob Wife aesthetic? 

The mob wives aesthetic aligns with the 25th anniversary of “The Sopranos” which many TikTok users have cited as inspiration for the looks they have created. Others see it as a reaction to the minimalism advanced on social media in 2023. Last year there was “clean girl”, “stealth wealth” and “quiet luxury” which prioritised subtle signs of wealth.

It’s basically Newton’s Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That’s how the clean girl aesthetic, which championed simplicity, natural beauty and a pared-back lifestyle fell victim to Mob Wife, a collective move towards a more ostentatious and maximalist approach. 

Although Lorna Hall does note that while mob wives presents as contrary to low-key luxury and ’90s minimalism, both have their roots in an ongoing obsession with 1990s fashion and its icons as well as the continuing shift from casual to more dressed up looks. 

While the mob wives aesthetic continues to hold its place on TikTok, it will likely be just one of the maximalist trends to make a statement in 2024.