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Prime Video. From retailer to entertainer.

Danish Chan

Prime is famous for overnight deliveries, not for being a streaming service with some of the world's best original content. So when streamers start to lose customers, we needed to change the rules.

When most people think of Amazon Prime, it conjures up images of delivery drones, smiling boxes, sales extravaganzas. Unfortunately people don’t immediately think of the award winning, culture inspiring original content like Mrs. Maisel, The Boys or my personal favorite, Deadloch. This would be tough enough in a market with brands like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Disney. But people are getting savvier. Canceling accounts after they finish their binge, switching subscriptions, chasing their favourite show with zero loyalty to streamers.

This was a global challenge to help reposition Prime Video to become the default streamer. The first app people open when their turn on their TV.

The challenge

Amazon Prime Video is a challenger in a crowded space of giant streamers, each releasing the next big show to win new subscribers. Unfortunately they were more famous for shopping than streaming.


Customers are getting lost in a sea of services and shows, chasing the content they love and it’s costing them more time and money than ever. 


Be the brand that fankind needs by ending the streaming wars.

Be the place where all content is welcome. Even if it’s from other streamers.

Putting control back in the hands of our customers.

Brand Idea:

All Are Welcome

Instead of fighting over content and limiting who gets to watch what, Prime Video is all about sharing content and the love of entertainment. By bringing in other streamers, live sports and building a game-changing, easy-to-use entertainment dashboard to organise it all…Prime Video is now in a world of its own, welcoming all forms of entertainment, no matter who you are.

At Prime Video, all are welcome.

Prime Video Global Brand Campaign

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Danish Chan

→ Danish is one of the most awarded strategists in the world, having worked on some of the most iconic brands in the last decade including Virgin Atlantic, Coca Cola, and Volvo. Danish spent his career helping to make modern, connected strategy integral to world-class effective work. A co-founder of Untangld, and a founding partner of By The Network, Danish is also a regular judge at the Effies and WARC Global Effectiveness Awards and a contributor to popular industry rags.

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